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Roof Replacement is Not Optional – Replace it Before It’s Too Late

The roof is essentially the ‘cover’ of your building. It shields the inside of your commercial establishment from everything—including the scorching heat, rain, dust, and even animals. No matter how durably made your roof is, it is still worn down by the elements and will need repairs at some point. Do not make the mistake of simply patching up the holes with a Band-Aid solution, or ignoring the problems hoping that your roof will hold up. At the first sign of roof problems, call a contractor immediately or you might end up having to face even bigger expenses.

Here are some common signs of roof problems you need to take seriously:

  • Ponding water and leaks – If your roof is leaking, chances are, there’s already a pond of water in your ceiling. The most common error people usually do when this happens is to seal the ceiling to keep water from entering the building. What they should be doing is sealing the roof.
  • Loud and unnatural sounds – It is normal to hear your property creak due to the changing temperature, but if the sound is way too loud, it might be your roof shrinking or blistering.
  • Expensive electric bills – If your bill suddenly skyrockets during the summer or winter, there might be a problem with your roof. Any holes in your roof and improper ventilation can cause your radiators and heaters as well as air conditioners to work double-time.

Contact a commercial roofing contractor as soon as possible. They should be able to assess your roof problem and offer you options on the procedures they can do. If you are getting a new roof, make sure that it comes with a warranty. It is also important that the contractor is trained and experienced in handling commercial roofs.